This is where you’ve come to find out who I am!  Well that’s a little difficult to express at the moment since I’m keeping this blog anonymous…..at least for now.   I can tell you that I am a girl in my 30’s who has children and pets.  Pretty descriptive right? lol

I decided to create this blog because first, it will be therapeutic for me and second, I feel that I have lived a fairly interesting life that people may want to read about.  I’ve definitely had a lot of really bad things happen, but also some good.  I plan to write down events or moments throughout my life that I feel have turned me into the person I am today.  I want to warn you, I have never written a book or had anything published, I”m not even that great at grammar so bare with me while reading these entries!   This blog will be used to write the pages of a future memoir.  You will find that they are not in a chronological order, the post will be added as I remember each significant moment.

I’d love for you to let me know when you stop by, when you read a post and/or if something I said related to you.


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