The Beginning – Follow My Journey!

So this is my first post on this new blog. For all intense purposes, my name is Alex Shaw. The reason I introduce myself that way is because this blog will be completely anonymous. I will never share my real name and all of the names of the people in these posts will be changed.

Why you ask?

I will be sharing a lot of very personal stories and would rather just keep mine and my family’s names out of them.

I’ve been keeping a journal since I was 6 and have posted a lot online but I’ve never talked about such personal things, as I will be here. Even though I have a lot of writing experience, I will admit that I’m not the best at grammar, so please bear with me as you follow me along this journey!

Click Follow Me just to the right if you’re on a computer or scroll down for mobile devices.



2 thoughts on “The Beginning – Follow My Journey!

  1. What? That’s it? I started reading from the latest post going back and haven’t been able to stop, and now there are no more posts???

    Your stories are engaging and personal, and I’m definitely following! 😀


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